How many follies did you have when you got pregnant
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Tink - October 31

just curious.....i am a little disappointed this cycle. it's my first injectable cycle (follistim)- and i only had 3 follies this morning (CD9) worth anything, 19.5, 17 and 14.5. we are targeting IUI for friday, so the 19.5 will be too big by then probably, leaving only the other two, which will have grown to the right size hopefully. anyways- after having 2 clomid cycles where i had 7 follies each time, having only 3 was disappointing, knowing only 2 are potentials probably. so how many of you had success on only a few follies? anyone? at least my lining is good now. the clomid was thinning it. i only did 100iu of the shots, since they were afraid of overstimulating me. next month i guess we can do more.


whynotme - October 31

I am currently 10 weeks now and only had 2 follies while taking clomid. I don't necessarily think that the more follies the better. Just matters how big they are. Don't be upset about not having more then 3 follies because you still have a good chance! GL!


wantbaby - November 1

Hi Tink! I am not sure if more follies are better. My first cycle with injectibles ended up with 9 follies. For the second IUI, my doc reduced the dosage of clomid from 100 to 50 and follistm from 150IU to 75IU since I ended up with a lot of them on the first one. With the many follies I still didn't get preg. For the second cycle with the new dosage I ended up with 3 good follies in the desired size. I didn't get preg with the second as well. Now I am on the third cycle of IUI, where I had 7 follies (4 in the desired range) with the same dosage as my second IUI. So lets see what happens this time around. Dont worry too much about the number of follies as the quality is what matters and hope you have success. Good luck!


pmblake - November 1

Hi TInk, Sorry to hear bout your cycle w/ follistim. IAre you taking clomid w/ follistim? I have had 3 cycles w/ follistim and anastrozole (clomid kinda drug but safer for linings) . I wasn't aware that follicles could be too big! Mine were alway in the range of 18-25+. I would typically have 10-15 follicles this size. I had to pass on one cycle b/c of it and the other two just didn't work. hmm. what do you know about heathly follicle size? My doctor never said but I got the impression the bigger the better! And good luck w/ your IUI on Friday! They say it only takes one good egg!


Tink - November 1

hey ladies- thanks for the encouragement. i did not do clomid with the follistim. the clomid was thinning my lining too much, so i did the follistim shots alone (100 iu for 5 nights). i do the IUI on friday and this am they measured the follies again- i have 3 contenders they said- 23, 19 and 17. so they all grew in a night pretty well. there is now a 12mm too (that was previously a 10). I have a ton at or under 10, but they don't count those or tell me how many exactly. they only count the 'contenders' that should be mature at o time. I had heard that ideal size was like 20-22. i had a 25 and 35 on previous cycles (at time of IUI) and was told they were too big, or over-mature and that they were not contenders. not sure why- either they don't release an egg or if they do, the egg isn't good quality (too mature?). so hopefully quality does count and hopefully i have good quality follies/eggs this time around. guess we will see in about 2 weeks! lol- i might go in for hte post IUI u/s to see which ones actually ovulated. they've done that the past 2 iui/clomid cycles and out of 7 mature follies, i had only 4 eggs released.



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