How many cycles of clomid did it take?
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Patty - May 27

Trying for the third cycle at 200mg. Last time I got pregnant on 100mg.


Shirell - May 31

When two sperm try to conceive on one egg what does that mean ?


Donna - May 31

This is my second cycle on Clomid - 100mg from day 3-7 of cycle. Today I had an ultrasound that showed 2 eggs and one looked mature. I also got the HCG shot to insure ovulation occurs. We are suppose to try tomorrow and the next day. We did yesterday as well. They say its good to try prior to ovulation since sperm lives up to 72 hours and during ovulation of course is the best time. Wish me luck! We may try on our own again if we don't get pregnant this month.


shell - June 27

Hi All!!! I started taking clomid on Saturday 6/25/05 for days 5-9. We tried IUI last month with no meds but was not successful. I only had one dominant follicle for the past 2 cyles that was not reaching over 18mm. So the RE put me on clomid, hopefully this will work. I go in on Friday for a sonogram.............I'm so nervous........



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