How many cycles of clomid did it take?
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Jennifer - March 19

I was just wondering how long it took for those of you who conceived on clomid to get pregnant. I am on day 15 of my first cycle. Have been trying to conceive for 7 years and really hope that this works. Thanks


michelle - March 20

been trying to conceive for over 3 years..
it normally works by 2 nd cycle, it worked for me last time on 2nd cycle although pregnacy did not stay.
a friend of mine it worked for her twice on 2nd cycles.
i'm on day 27 of 1st cycle..
fingers crossed x


luna - March 20

I've just done my first round of clomid 50mg and metformin 1000mg should have been taking 1500mg metformin but only took two, my period should have started last tuesday but didn't did a pg test this morning and it's posative I can't beleave it I've been trying for 2 yrs and I've only got one tube. I still can't beleave it, so I'm going to the doc tomorrow to ask him to do a test. GOODLUCK!!!!!


Jennifer - March 20

Thanks to both of you for answering. I am so excited and anxious to see if this works. Of course if it does I will be scared of losing it. But I am hoping for the best for all of us.


michelle - March 21

try to keep positive..
i'm due tomoz will keep you informed..x


Jennifer - March 21

Good luck!!


luna - March 21

Had my pg confirmed today I was told I'm 32 days. I'm now worried incase I have a miscarrage. I was also told that I have to go for a scan at 7wks because I had an eptopic. I wish all you ladies the best of luck and Michelle I hope you get a possitive test tomorrow GOODLUCK!!!!!


Renee - March 21

Congratulations Luna!!!


Jennifer - March 22

Congratulations, Luna!


nica - March 22

took me 4 cycles of 50 mg - but it died at 7 weeks


michelle - March 22

congratulations again luna..
i got a positive this morning!! yipeeeeeeee can't believe it, 1st cycle as well been trying for 3 years!!!
scan at 6 weeks as well xxxxxxxx
luna keep positive and take it easy, thats what i'm gonna do...
i feel like its gonna be full term as my other pregnancys were totally symtom free which i think thats why they never survived!!! xxxxxxxx


Renee - March 22

Congratulations Michelle!


michelle - March 23

thanks renee...


rebecca - March 23

I'm on my 3rd cycle of chlomid and a,though i am ovulating according to blood tests on day 21/22 of my cycle i am just not getting pregnant. If you don't mind me asking were you guys making love evry day or every two days? i am so desperate to conceive again, please let me in on your secret!


luna - March 23

Rebecca I made love every 2 days from days 10 till 20 also I didn't pee after until the next morning and I put a pillow under bum for 30mins. This may sound silly but it worked as I'm now pg. It may not have been the wee and the pillow but you've nothing to loose give it a go. Goodluck.


rebecca - March 24

Thanks Luna, and congratulations! I read a few days ago that you had done it! I didn't know to try from day ten until i read this site, my GP said from day 21 so i may well have been missing my ovulation. Are you in the US? I'm in UK and it seems from reading these boards you have a lot more fertility treatment than here. Is is readily available or have you all gone to see a private doctor/gynae?


michelle - March 24

we were doing it most mornings..
from day 10 til 17..
my ovulation test was negative on day 14 positive on day 15 and 16 and negative on day 17!!!
scan on day 14 showed two follicles about to release two eggs, so i think i must have ovulated on day 16 and we done it day 14 night and 15 in the morning.. and day 16 in the morning..
i know they say the sperm is better every other day. but we didn't want to miss the eggs....!!!
good luck ..
also same as lune did not go toilet til the morning!!



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