How long till you test?
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Kira_lynn - January 5

I try and hold out till i miss af. But im trying again after last loss at 19weeks (6months now) and i was wondering how soon some of you test. I o'd on 3rd and bd every day around there. just wondering, i thought i heard of 8 days after o'ing. Thanks.


Tink - January 5

i usually won't test until 14DPO. i think that is the standard. of course i am doing IUIs - just did my 4th with medication, so the trigger shot i take can give me a false positive if i test too early. they usually like you to wait at least 10 days past the trigger to ensure it is out of your system. after all of these long months on meds...i've decided not to test this weekend. i am on CD24 today, which is 13DPO/IUI. so i could test tomorrow. but this time i am giving AF a chance to come first. she comes on day 25 or 26 for me, so tomorrow or sunday. i just can't bear seeing another BFN again after 4 IUIs. i am already going nuts, and very crampy, but have been since the IUI, so i don't know if it is pms, fertility meds or pregnancy. i hope i can hold out til Monday am to test if AF isn't here. i hope she doesn't come!



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