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shas - March 18

I've just had my first round of clomid and my period is 4 days late. Always reg never late. I've read on this site that most ladies have a period 21days after there last day of bleeding while taking clomid and some ladies say 28 days after last day. Could some please help me.


Renee - March 18

My doctor said it should come 3 weeks after you take your last pill. Mine should start tomorrow, so we'll see. From what I've read on here, it sounds like everyone's different.


Rebecca - March 22

Shaz, i'm on my 3rd cycle of chlomid and my period is all over the place. I have an underactive thryroid which is the reason for my not ovulating previously. The chlomid has made me ovulate but it's hard to detect when is the best time to make love as the kits here in the uk for home testing are expensive and you only get 7 test sticks so it's a bit of a guess when to test. What have you been told about when to make love?



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