How long is a clomid cycle supposed to be?
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dee - July 11

I am on cd29 still no af. Doc told me my progesterone levels were at 43 on cd22 so i think i ovulated.Does anybody know about this? My bbs are so so so sore.


BUMP - July 12



Lena - July 12

My first two clomid cycles were 34 and 32 days. My subsequent two cycles have been 28 days each. I really think its because your body has to adjust to the increased stimulation. 7dpo progesterone levels should be 15+ with clomid. You are well over the minimum.


dee - July 12

Thanks Lena. So I shouldnt get my hopes up that i will get a BFP :(
What were your levels 7 dpo? Just curious.


Ginger - July 13

Your progesterone level is really high! Have you taken a hpt yet?


dee - July 13

No I havent Ginger. I am going to test tomorrow morning. I am scared to though. Its the end of cd31 for me as I am in Sydney Australia. No AF. I read a success story on tryingtoconceive and a lady had a progesterone level of 42.3 on cd21 and she found out she was pregnant that month. I just hope its the same for me.I dont want to be disappointed again.


dee - July 13



Lena - July 14

Dee, my progesterone was 10.8 at 7 dpo, but I'm pushing 40. At 7 days the CL is producing progesterone and implantation hasn't occured so progesterone levels at this stage can't indicate a pregnancy.


Lena - July 14

Sorry about your BFN. I can appreciate your disappointment.


dee - July 14

Have AF with a vengence


Ginger - July 14

I am so sorry Dee. I was really hoping.... That progesterone level was extremely high. I wonder what could cause it. This is the info I found on progesterone levels: "Progesterone (P4) 7 dpo > 15 ng/ml A progesterone test is done to confirm ovulation. When a follicle releases its egg, it becomes what is called a corpus luteum and produces progesterone. A level over 5 probably indicates some form of ovulation, but most doctors want to see a level over 10 on a natural cycle, and a level over 15 on a medicated cycle. There is no mid-luteal level that predicts pregnancy. Some say the test may be more accurate if done first thing in the morning after fasting." This came from the following website, which has info on lots of tests:


Lena - July 15

Ginger, Dee's progesterone level isn't extremely high. The numbers you cited are minimum indicators not target levels. Progesterone levels in the 40s are completely normal, especially when multiple CLs are involved. Hence the reason it can't be used as a determinant of pregnancy.



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