how long have u been trying?
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fara - March 9

..hey ladies..wd like to noe how long u have been tryin..i got pregnant the 1st time i tried but miscarried at 3 months..that was in dec 05..i have been ttcing since late jan 06 ..but so far nothing..


Dark_Pink - March 9

Tried for 2 years got pregnant on 1st clomid cycle. Miscarried at 21 weeks (april 05) Just stabrted clomid again in early february and I am officially late as of TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! So heres hoping! :)


soimpatient - March 9

I've been trying since October 05. It feels like its been forever ! I'm pretty sure that I'm not ovulating. I'm going to my gyn on May 3rd to get my test results and hopefully get some clomid.


wannabeamom - March 9

I have been ttc since July 2002. I finally went to a doctor about it last summer. I will start my 5th round of clomid in 3 days. I didn't ovulate until I was on 4th month and on 150mg.
Goodluck and tons of babydust!


babyloves2play - March 9

I've been trying to conceive #3 since Nov. 05. Taking second round of clomid @ 100 mg. On cd 27 now. Still hoping I might be pregnant but probably won't be. Af isn't due untl 14th. Starting to think my problem is related to ovulation (irregular cycles) and the fact that I've had to have two csections. Good luck!!


patty - March 9

i have been trying for one year. finally i went to a fertility specialist, which discovered a whole bunch of problems--hopefully which can be resolved. it has been a roller coaster ride !


crystal - March 9

I have been trying officially for 10 months. I should start my period tomorrow. i took a pg test last night cuz i have been feeling new symptoms but it was negative. then i cried myself to sleep. I feel like god is punishing me for something. I just want a baby


d - March 9

Hi ladies. Dh and I have been ttc #1 for i think it is 12 months now i lost count. Techincally it is maybe 10. cause i kept giving up but kept trying alittle. but i still say 12 months. Dr has given us a few more months and if nothing we will go to a specialist and also have dh tested. dr ran all the tests possible on me. and he said "I have never seen such perfect bloodwork". I am almost ready to begin my 2ww. just another day or two. maybe,. my cycles have been really messed up lately. I have lost all hope. I think of it now that since I got af on my wedding day that it is a BAd Omen!! Hope you all get your bfp's soon!!!


Melissa - March 9

We have been trying since August of 2003. Dx with endo....been unable to try due to treatment for 6 months....hoping we can start ttc again in a week after my doctor appt!


Monica1 - March 9

I've had 6 IUI's - I'm currently at the end of my 2ww. I do bw tomorrow. Feeling life AF is coming though...... This cycle we used Lupron/Repronex and of course HCG trigger.


K - March 10

What does 2ww mean?


d - March 10

K- 2ww means ----2 week wait


luvbaby's - March 10

I take it IUI is the implantations? you've had three and no luck? just curious to hear your experiences. am considering the same thing. expensive yet worth it.


kel - March 10

i have been trying now for 12mths and im 20 yrs old, i get really worried but im gonna leave it abit longer before seeing a gp to see if owt happens


Mega - March 10

I've been TTC #1 since 8/04. I just started my 7th round of Clomid & if I O this time we'll do our 4th IUI. I have PCOS & just had Ovarian Drilling done on 2/17 and am hopeful it'll do the trick.


KDR - March 11

Hi, my dh and I have been ttc since march 2005. the pill really screwed me up apparently! going to start my 2nd round of clomid on monday! Baby DUST!!!!


Katt - March 11

ttc for 2 yrs now. Held up due to hubby sperm and my thyroid (I think). Recently thought I was implanting but guess not. started af thursday night. :( Many mom's say not to try and it'll happen - but how hard is that, lol ;)



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