How long for AF after provera?
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jal239 - July 12

From the looks of things it seems as if Provera does nothing. I keep reading that some get AF with Provera but that it does not help after you are done taking it. It seems that you may get your period after taking it, but the next month you are back at square one again.


soimpatient - July 12

Thanks for the advice! I think I'll wait a day or 2 longer and then call my doc. GL TTC!


soimpatient - July 13

Well. af finally showed up! It took one week since my last pills to come and now I can finally move on with my next cycle! YAY!


jal239 - July 13

Great News so impatient!!! It's a new beginning from here. Let's pray I get mine too and things get back to normal.



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