how long does your period last???
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paula - March 19

I just want to get an idea of what other peoples period lenght is. Mine is 5 days, but are most 7? I am just trying to get an idea of when i ovulate... thank you!!!


Cutie - March 19

Mine are 6-7 days :)


victoria - May 13

3-4 days


laimanroom - May 16

mine is 6-7 days


Melissa - May 16

Hi Paula. Mine is normally about 5-7 days. But, the lenght of your af does not determine when you o. It's the lengths of your complete cycle (the beginning of af the the beginning of af). You normally (as if normal actually means something here) o 14 days prior to the start of af.


april - May 17

mine is 5 days and i have just started tracke my oulation days a couple of months ago and im telling you i thik it really worked for me i think im actually preg anyways i have done a lot of research and i have learnd alot so if you want you ca e-mail me or send me and instant message at amkloves [email protected] or [email protected] and i will be more than happy to track your ovulation days for you i know it can be verry tough but i have done it so much its so easy for me
i will help u as much as you would like!!!


MayRebecca - June 14

My period lasted 5-6 days. Unbelievable!!!


Kelli - July 11

Mine has only been lasting 3-4 days


merlee - July 11

mine is only 3 days, and really light (third day very slight). I have always been concerned that it meant there was something wrong. what do you think?


Heather - July 12

I get mine for 3 days, 1 heavy day and 2 light days. Like Merlee, I have always been concerned about this!


JA - July 12

6-7 for me. My DH never believes me, but its true! Thinks I am just trying to get out of sex, but I always invite him to check if he wants! I tell him it does happen and I am not a freak! Really heavy first 2 days, then it just trickles and drives me nuts. Doesn't matter how long it is, usually O starts 2 weeks after I start for me.


Renee - July 29

My period lasted over 7 days, what does that indicates?


Paige - August 29

well this is like mine 10th time getting it so like 5-6 days



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