How Long Does This Ovulation Pain Last??
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sherry - October 6

I have been having this mid-cycle pain for days now. i believe this is day #4, this morning, and it's still hangin around. it feels like af is coming, but it's far too soon, so i know it's the "o" pain. if you get mid-cycle pain how long does it usually last? i mean how long could my egg be dropping, if that is what that means?? ((thanks & hugs))


Toni - October 6

From what I have read and experienced..... I think you can have a dull ache for several days and then you can have a sharp pain when it releases that can last up to maybe an hour.


isa - October 6

Ive been having pains since ovulation (10days) and I never feel like this.


sherry - October 6

thanks, ya know, i had "o" pain like this when i was pregnant that lasted for weeks, past when sf was due, but i don't wanna get my hopes up on that , bacuse i was on clomid at the time to, and that may have been the cause. i usually have it maybe 2 days, but it's still goin strong. as if bad period pain wasn't enough, we have to suffer during our non af time to?? not fair!! good luck ladies:)


kristen - October 11

I too have experienced this. I am going on 4 days now of ovulation pain!! Were trying to conceive a girl this time so its hard to get the timing right if I dont know exactly whats going on. Wish me luck(:


HotRodGurl - October 11

Hello girls, I've had the same and lasted for about 2 weeks and I got tired of it so I went into the ER and they did an ultrasound on me as well as a transvaginal and they claim I had a cyst on my left ovary and that mostly where most of my pain was at but since the cyst was so small the dr. doubted it would cause me so much pain so, she just told me I'm ovulating...I just rolled my eyes cause all she was doing was guessing...they tested me for pg but it was neg. and I knew it would be because it was too early to test. But anyways AF isn't supossed to be here until 14th of oct. I'm giving myself until the 17th just in case i miss calculated. for the past 2 or 3 days though the pain has subsided a little bit every once in a while I will get a sharp pain for a few seconds and then it goes away then again I could go almost a whole day without any pain. It's weird. Well, maybe baby..???...fingers crossed...good luck to all of you.


mario - October 27

I think you too have to live with it


chris200081 - January 31

I've been having the same kind of problem too. The weird thing is that I have been taking the ovulation tests and my tempature and paying monitoring my discharge, and three don't jive. According to the tests I ovulated yesterday, tempature, I haven't yet, and discharge 2-3 days ago . . . and yet yesterday I felt the normal ovulation pain, instead going away I woke up this morning with worse pain, much like I had early on in the last pregnancy. I wonder if any of you have heard of extra pain occuring when egg is fretalized?


emeliz - February 5

I too get o pain that lasts for several days. Has anyone heard that it often gets worse as you get older? (I'm 34).


RainbowBJW - February 6

Sherry - I just started Clomid this month and I had pretty strong O pain a few days before, lasting through, and then after I supposedly ovulated. I've heard that could just be because of the Clomid since my O pain is usually only an hour or two on one day. Are you on any fertility meds this time?


desandjoel - March 17

today i woke up with pain in my lower abdmon now it feels like really bad ovulating but i already ovulated like 4 days ago so what could be wrong.



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