How Long Does The "O" Surge Last? Missing it??
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sherry - November 3

hey girls, iam on CD 16, and i haven't gotten my ++ opk yet. iam testing daily, but am wondering if iam missing it, since iam starting to get "o" like pains, so i know it's close, here, or almost over, even, but how long would that ++ result show on an ovulation test? is it easy to miss? next hurde getting hubby in the mood (yikes)...thanks girls, sherry


T - November 3

I would be watching more for ewcm. How long is your cycle?


kc - November 3

Usually pos opts last 24 hours. So make sure you test the sametime each day. Some are shorter some are longer everyone is different. I do know some brands don't give a true positive. I used to save my sticks and mark the cd on them and compare month to month. One brand I'm not sure which one, never gave me a true pos. I just started bding when I noticed the color darkening. I knew the good day had to be soon. Good luck. I hope this helps.


sherry - November 3

there was no line yesterday and a faint one today, could that mean it's coming? perhaps iam drinking too much fluids, or something, and it could be a positive? maybe i'll try again later. thanks girls. my cycle varies from 28-31 days for some time now. sherry


sherry - November 3

ps, i never get much CM, unfortunately. i do check my cervix now and again, but i don't know if i can read it correctly all of the time, enough to replace the test


Becca - November 3

Well I had some darker lines a few days ago...never got a positive....each day they are getting lighter? Does that mean I missed it? I usually Ovulate on day 17 or 18, luteal phase defect...this month I'm only on day 16 and last night's was almost nothing? What is your opinion?


CLAIRE - November 3

When i get a +opk it never gets gradually lighter or darker its there one day and gone the next.Take a look at it has lots of answers to your questions.And yes you could be missing your surge especially if you test only once a day .


annette - November 3

even i had this confusion regarding the darkness of lines. but after using them for a couple of months, i figured that the line doesnt need to be of the same colour for all brands. answer needs the colours to match, whereas the ones i got from neednt be of the same colour. so i use them, and when i see a medium colour appearing, i test with answer, and i get a positive on it.



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