How long does it take????
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Drew - July 7

How long does it take for pregnancy to show up on blood hcg? I got a bfn on mine today, but I was wondering if maybe I ovulated late and its too early for an accurate test, or something. Doubt it cause of the Clomid and Metformin. Maybe I'm just looking for hope where there is none. :(


kc - July 7

It can show up as early as 7 days past o or as high as 12. Everyone pg is different.


Lena - July 8

The quantitive hCG bloodtests can detect hCG levels as low as 3. In comparision the earliest hpt is 15. In early pregnancy, hCG levels double every 24 hrs so it rises quickly. My hCG was negative today too. DH and I are going for margaritas tonight to uncelebrate.



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