How long does it take
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Jay - May 17

How long does it take to conceive your first baby. All my friends took 3-4 months and i'm on my 10 month and still waiting or trying to conceive


lyz - May 17

its completely normal for it to take 9 months or more for a healthy couple to concieve. look up how to chart your cycle, including your basal body temp, cervical mucus and cervical position, then try for a few months more when you are more in tune with your body and know def when your ovulating, its easy when you know how. then if still no luck after a few tries go to your doctor with your charts and ask their opinion. good luck jay xxx


Melissa - May 17

I agree with Lyz. I've also read that it can take as long as a year for healthy fertile couples. We conceived our first child right away, but we've now been trying for 6 months for our second.


Jess - May 17

I know a lot of people that have been trying that long. You have to know your body and when you ovulate. Me for instanve realized I was ovulating on days anywhere from 10-13 from month to month. Your timing might just be off.


nancy - May 20

the normal range for couple TTC is one year, but we are all different, there are people who conceived after just a month or two of trying but some took more that a year to get pregnant. There is no really exact waiting period when TTC coz we are all different. Just keep on trying, i'm also TTC for more that a year now.



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