how long does it take
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Amanda - August 12

i am 17 and have been trying to get pregnant for 18mons.i have a husband who i have been with for 5yrs have been married for 3yrs,we own a house and have 2 new vehicles.. my husband wants me to talk to my doctor about it but iam scared to know if i have a problem..if anyone can help i would really appreciate it


Are you serious? - August 12

17??? What's this world coming to...


amanda - August 12

yes actually iam serious..what is wrong with it as long as we are emotionally and finacially ready?


honest answer - August 12

Amanda. I imagine that most people (especially people my age - 32) remember when we were 17 and relate that to remarks like "are you serious?" made. When and if you are ready is something that only you and your husband can decide. I would have to say that I have been trying for just under a year and I am considering a dr visit. If you are regular and have exhausted all other options you should maybe seek medical advice. I'm not a dr but at 17 I would think that you should have less problems getting pg that I would.


amanda - August 12

i appreciate your advice and thank u for being kind,i guess iam gonna have to go to the dr maybe get some of them really exciting hormone


Chicks - August 12

Hi Amanda! Don't worry sweetie.. Some of the people on this board choose to be judgemental over someone's situation as opposed to being sympathetic and giving advice.. I don't think you logged on to this board to get judged on what you're doing because of your age, you want answers to your questions about TTC. I wish some people would please answer the questions without adding in your two cents about what YOU feel is right or not right. Anyways, Amanda, if you've been trying for 18 months to have a baby, I would be getting to the doctor as soon as possible. Not because I am concerned that something is really wrong, it's just wouldn't you like to find out if there is something so that you can start taking some action to fix it? Have your husband and yourself tested just to make sure. There are many medications available that can be that could help you conceive quicker. If you're not ovulating, than you can't get pregnant, right? (which is what my problem was) So, go to the doctor, trust me, you may be scared about the outcome, but knowing is better than worrying and trying to guess what the problem is. Please let me know how it goes.. Take care and baby dust to you! I sounds like you really have it together for your age and I wish for you everything you want.


Sa - August 13

I would go get both of you tested. How old is your husband? Perhaps if he is older it could be part of the trouble. Did you really get married when you were 14?


amanda - August 13

my husband is 24..and i did really get married at 14..i really thank the 2 of u for the advice and i am going to go to the doc asap..thank u so much


lovely - August 24

how long it take for you to know that you are pregnant


Suzy - August 25

wow you got married pretty young... but that is cool to me i would say to go to the doctor because if something is wrong and you wait it can get worse.


lacy - August 25

im 20 and been married for a while now and me and my husband are trying to get pregnant been trying for like four months now why is it taking so long i alwasy get my period. am i not meant to be pregnant. im so afraid to go to the doctor and find out that something could be wrong or find out that i can't concieve what should i do .....can any one help thank you



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