how long do implantation cramps last?
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DW - June 20

How long do implantation cramps last? Yesterday (day 23 of my cycle) I started feeling cramps and they are still here today. I normally have a cycle length of 32 so it seems way too soon to be my period. I think it is implantation but it feels a little like my period. How long will the cramps last if it is implantation? How soon after implantation can I take a preg. test? Please help!!!!


Drew - June 20

Hi DW, sometimes when women ovulate they get pains around their ovaries. I have them myself, they call it middleschmarts. Sounds dumb I know but its actually a german word for pain in the middle. Do you think maybe it could be ovulation?


DW - June 20

Thank you for your response Drew! That is a crazy word but, no, I know I am not ovulating. I ovulated on day 14/15 of my cycle and today is day 24. I normally get my period around day 32 so this seems too early for my period and too late for ovulation. This is the second day I have had cramps. I am really hoping it is not my period because A) I want to be pregnant and B) I use the clearblue easy digital fertitly monitor and if I get my period this soon it will really mess it up! Has anyone else experienced these cramps? How long should implantation cramps last? Help!


bump - June 21



Lena - June 21

Drew, Its called Messerschmidt. After the doctor who "identified" it in the 1920's. He was German. I think Middleschmarts is a much better name, and much easier to remember.


Drew - June 21

Well DW, sounds good if you know you have already ovulated! I don't really know about these cramps cause I never had them with either pg. Isn't the wait a killer?! Hope this is it for you. Lena, I read about that on a couple web sites. I read that that was the name of the guy who diagnosed it I guess you could say, but they actually called it middleschmarts. (Could be a z at the end....cant remember :0) ) Maybe I just hit a phony site... who knows!


anni - June 21

DW if you ovulate on day 14/15 that means your luteal phase to day 32 is too long and you should check with your doctor. Luteal phase should be between 12 and 16 days max for a pregnancy to hold and all the reading i have done says if its shorter say 10-12 you may be ok but over 16 should be checked out for sure. Not to scare you just what i've been reading.


Drew - June 21

Hi anni, what can they give you for leutal phase problems? Is that what they use progesterone for? I'm wondering if this isn't part of my problem...? Thanks!



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