How long did ya'll wait before going to the doctor?
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JamieHanson02 - January 19

How long did ya'll wait to go to the doctor about having trouble getting pregnant? I have been trying for about 8 months with no luck.


Leilani14 - January 19

I'm 33 and we waited only 6 months


Jane - January 19

We waited 6 months also....


Ann - January 19

We waited about a year. I probably should have gone sooner considering I am 36 now. If you are under 30, I would wait the year and chart/use opks at home before going through lots of tests and taking meds. That is just my opinion, though!


JamieHanson02 - January 19

I'm 26 - we have been using ovulation predictor kits and now I am using the clear blue easy fertility monitor, I am just so frustrated with my body! I called the dr today and I have a consult set for Feb 1st so maybe I will get some answers about what is going on with me.


Nita - January 19

We started trying for a baby in Jan'05...and were surprised on how hard it is to get pregnant. I finally went in for a checkup(routine) May/Jun timeframe and talked to her about my trouble. My midwife consulted with the Dr and he recommended blood tests. Based upon which they recommended Dostinex and in mid Sep, I got pregnant! Good luck to all who are trying! The day will come, don't despair!


Melissa - January 19

We waited about a year & a half....


Ericka - January 20

I'm 29 and we waited a year. I suggest you try going now because the first couple of cycles all they do is bloodwork and general tests, before they get down to the nitty gritty. Good Luck


jennifer28 - January 20

I think you should go ASAP!! I had to wait for almost 2 yrs to get any answers, and thats stinks!


patty - January 20

i waited about a year. just found out last week i have pcos --waiting for blood results. i wish i had gone sooner....actaully before we started trying. i am 30 years old.


Mega - January 20

I waited about 7 mos. I'm 30. I also had a routine appt. & I discussed my whacky irreg. cycles with my dr. She thought I might have PCOS, so she ran some tests that confirmed her suspicion. In light of the PCOS, I wish I'd gone to her sooner but I kept thinking the BCP were the cause & I'd get regulated soon. It's been 16 mos. for me now, since we started TTC #1. Good luck, Jamie!


hopeful06 - January 27

Go ASAP!! I went soon and was able to get on meds (I wasn't ovulating). If you go prior to conception you can get on prenatal vitamins too--you might as well give your baby the best nutrition right from the start. If there are any problems, it's best to know early. Also, you might want to get your partner to go for a sperm count to rule anything out with him first before you subject your body to drugs. Good luck!!



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