how long did it take you 2 get pregnant
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jenn00 - January 15

my husband and i have me trying for a year in a half it seems like i will never get pregnant how long did it take all of you to get preggers


jenn00 - January 15

have been oops didnt mean to type me


becky_18 - January 16

hi jenn i cantell you that i have also been trying for 2 years and still have not concieved :-( but all the best to you! xx


ROBYN - January 16

we tried for a little over a year did clomid with hcg injections and in september decided to get more aggressive in november we completed our 1st ivf cycle and i am now 9 weeks pregnant.


yumymumy - January 16

it took 2 and a half years to get pregnant with my son. now trying for second and its been 5 months so far.


bree_n_liseys_mommy - January 16

it took us three years to get preggers with lisey and ....since i couldnt get preggers so easily i figgured the same would apply the second time around lisey is now 12 months and 1week old and im 33 weeks preggers. i believe GOD has his time frame


Tracy88 - January 16

It took us two years. I finally had laparoscopic surgery, then did a cycle of injectables with back to back IUI's and I am now 22 weeks PG.


Chas - January 27

There are some great responses here! Congrats to those of you who finally got your bundles of joy. I am still waiting ...
You have given me hope


lovemy3 - January 28

trying for #4 for 1 yr, first 3 weren't a problem but this one certainly is.



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