How long before trying Clomid
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maddie - August 1

I have been ttc for 3 months and my doctor casually asked if I want to try Clomid yet? Isn't it too soon? She thinks because I am 30 and no luck yet maybe I should get a jump start on options. First I am scared to try this so soon and am worried about any side effects. Anyone who has been on Clomid, how long were you ttc before going on it? Also are there any risks to the women or fetus? Last, isn't Clomid for ovulating? I know I have been ovulating, so why the needed boost. Thanks :)


bump - August 14



merlee - August 14

In my opinion, it would be smarter to have the tests done on you and your DH before you take clomid. Clomid is supposed to help those who have a problem O'ing. and 3 months is not very long, even if you are 30. I say give it 6 months. Then ask for semen analysis for him and HSG and hormone work up for you to see where your starting point is. I think it is just too easy to perscribe clomid without doing any tests first. This is just my opinion, others may disagree.



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