how long after pill?
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amapolitamomma - February 10

I stopped taking the pill, and breastfeeding my daughter in early October. Since then, I have been trying to get pregnant, but no luck. I know that it will take a while for my body to return to normal after all of that, but I am getting impatient. Does anyone know, how long after stopping those two things will my hormonal balance return to normal?


HLH - February 10

I am wondering the same thing..I stopped taking the pill in late July after being on it for 5 1/2 years. I have had very screwy cycles since then. Jumping from 29 days, to 30 days, and the latest was 35 days! I was so hopeful that the last cycle was my time. I was able to get pregnant with my daughter and son the very first month off bcp. I am 29 and hoping that it is just my age that is making it take a little longer. I wish I could help you on the breastfeeding, but I don't know about that. I just wanted to let you know that I am in the same boat with you! I am soooo Impatient!!!!!!


amapolitamomma - February 11

I know exactly what you mean about it being so easy with previous kiddos. With my daughter, my hubby and I just kind of decided to get pregnant mid pill cycle, and two weeks later I got a positive pregnancy test! I know I haven't been waiting that long, but I'm in my very early 20's. I'm hoping it'll happen this month. We will see, I guess. And it sucks because I'm irregular, so I'll think that I've missed my period, but then I get it again in a couple of days.


G - February 11

I was on the pill for 7 yrs before ttc. It took us nine mos to get pg. My periods were regular immediately after stopping the pill too.


HLH - February 11

Just have faith! It will happen for us! I noticed something this past Wed. that I haven't noticed since coming off of bcp. I finally had one day of ewcm and we BD that night, thurs night and fri night, so hopefully we may get it this month. I am not having painful bbs the week b4 my prd now, but I always used to on the pill. So maybe now, if I feel sore bbs, hopefully it means that there is a bun in the oven! Where are you on your cycle right now? Maybe we can get a bfp this month and have Nov. babies!


HLH - February 11

Thanks for your answer G. I have been told by many that anywhere from 6 months to a year after the pill is normal. You are giving us hope girl! I am not a very good charter so it's hard for me to keep track of bbt, but definately always notice any kind of mucus change. Did all of that return to normal for you after the pill? I have thought of getting preseed if this month doesn't work out for us.



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