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Crystal - April 22

HOW LONG AFTER OVULATION BEFORE YOU NORMALLY START A/F? I dont have a period at all unless i take bcp or provera. This past month was my first round of clomid. I took it days 5-9. The opk had had two lines on cd22. We tried on cd22 and cd24. When should af start again. I havnet ever had a normal period so I dont know. And also when will it be safe to take a pregnancy test?


anna - April 22

averagely 14 days.


Heather - April 22

Crystal - Congrats on the O! That is great news. When my dr gave me the provera & clomid the first time she told me to take a hpt 2 weeks after O. I was to get a refill on my provera if the hpt came back -. I will be doing the same thing this time around. If I get a neg hpt I will take the provera again. I can't wait for af... It would never come.


Crystal - April 22

Hey heather! Thanks so much. I am so excited. Just dont wanna get my hopes too high ya know. Yeah my af never comes on its own either that is why i wanted to know how long I should wait to take the hpt. I am nervously excited. lol


Heather - April 24

Crystal - Just looking for an update... How are you?


Crystal - April 26

Hey Heather! I am good. Just waiting until I can take a pregnancy test this weekend. I dont wanna get to excited because I dont want to get let down. I am hanging in there though. Baby dust to you all.



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