how long after?
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mell - November 16

how long after you start to take clomid you can do iui?


Mega - November 16

Hi Mell. It varies. After you've finished Clomid, you'll get an u/s a few days afterwards. From that u/s your dr will monitor how quickly your ovaries are producing follicles, how big they're getting, etc. Most drs tend to use a trigger shot with the Clomid & IUIs, so that u/s will determine when you should take your trigger shot. I have the IUI 36 hours after the trigger shot. So depending on when you took Clomid, you can do the IUI as soon as CD 12, but like I said it varies. Also, from what my dr said, the earlier you take Clomid, the earlier you ovulate. I will most likely do my 2nd IUI around CD 12 or so this time since I took Clomid CD 3-7. Last time I got a later start on Clomid, so I did the IUI more like CD 16 or so. HTH. Good luck!


mell - November 16

sounds so complicate mega but thanks for your answer . i was just wondering if i start taking clomid from tomorrow would it take month or only 2 weeks to have iui? im asking this silly question cus i have no i dea about whole thing im going to see a dr end of this month and thought i shoud have some clue!!!



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