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Lisa - November 29

I am 33, we have been TTC for about 7 months with no luck. I went to my OB/GYN yesterday. He said not to worry, to keep trying for a year b/c most couples are successful in that time. I am stressed b/c of my age, and do not feel like I should wait any longer. How long has everyone been trying before they are put on Clomid, or other treatment???


Mega - November 29

I know, I think the 1 year wait is so arbitary, but dr's don't agree. :) I'm 30 & I've been trying for 15 mos. now. However, I started Clomid when it had only been 7 mos. for me. But I have pcos & my periods were so irregular. I was at my yearly check up & mentioned to her that I'd been trying since Aug. 2004 & my last period was over 52 days ago. She said that wasn't normal, ordered up bloodwork & gave me provera & Clomid. Has your dr done any tests? Do you have any reason to suspect you're not ovulating regularly? Have you tried charting? Has your partner been tested? That's a good first step, getting him to get a SA. I HTH!


Olivia - November 29

we have been ttc for about 4 months with no luck yet. I went to by OBGYN about 3 weeks ago (for my yearly check up) & was discussing conception with him. He said that if I didn't get pregnant by the end of this cycle (I'm still hoping!!!!!) then he wants me to come in for a pelvic ultrasound, just to make sure that everything is ok. This was very reassuring, because if we don't conceive this month, at least I will know if everything is ok with me & then we'll test DH. DR is very proactive which I like a lot! I'm still hoping that maybe AF won't show up this month, but if it does, having the ultrasound scheduled is very reassuring! BTW, I am 27. I don't know if I was much help or not, but I definitely know how you feel! Good luck & baby dust!!!


K - November 29

Lisa, I am currently 38 years old and 26 weeks pregnant with my first child. It took us 4 years to get where we are ( 1 m/c at 3 years of trying and almost another year to get pg again). Based on my own experience, at your age, if you do not feel like you should wait don't. We wasted almost two years trying on our own and then one simple semen analysis immediately let us know that we had been wasting our time and had pretty much no chance without medical help. If I were you, I would send my husband for an analysis right away. That should be the first step before they start any kind of invasive testing or drugs on you. Good Luck.


Allie - November 29

Hi Lisa! I am 32 and my dh is 37 and we've been ttc for 11 mos. My OB/GYN also told me to wait one year until they start doing tests. January will be my one year. My dh has just been tested and he is fine. I have an appt. in December to speak with my OB/GYN to see what tests (if any) I need to go for. I have a very normal cycle and I'm sure I am healthy, but for some reason something isn't "right" (unless we are timing it wrong). I hate that it is such a science, but unfortunately for some of us, this is what it has come to. I feel stressed too b/c of my age. I will be 33 in January and I am getting a little nervous/anxious. It isn't easy, but hang in there! You're not alone!! Good Luck.



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