how is ovulex doing w/everyone..PLEASE UPDATE
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Amy R - September 9

Just want an update on everyone that has started long you've been taking it, any progress....share ur story!!! baby dust to all


Sabrina - October 20

Ovulex is an untested product from a company, Selmedica Healthcare that doesn't even exist anywhere except on the internet. Do your homework before you buy anything from Selmedica. Start with looking them up in the yellow pages. Funny, they are not there. Why risk your baby maker on a product from a company who claims to be an industry leader for 50 years yet can't seem to get their phone number listed? Read what the FDA said about some of their other products--- "they state that the ingedients contained in these products are generally recognized as safe and effective when, in fact they are not." Read the letter yourself:

would you put your life in the care of Selmedica Healthcare? I wouldn't.


bump - October 21



to Sabrina - October 21

Well said ! I had never even heard of Ovulex until I found this website, and the problems getting pregnant threads. Its seems to run rampid on this particular forum. I would never use this product!!



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