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Amy - June 28

How is it that a doctor can tell if you are pregnant by doing a physical exam? A friend of mine told me a doctor could tell this way too. She also told me that not only can the doc tell that you are pregnant or not, but also how far along you are. How do they tell though by doing it this way?


Lena - June 28

The tone of a pregnant uterus is very different than the tone of a non pregnant uterus. A nonpreg uterus is taunt and solid like a ripe fruit. A preg uterus is very elastic and loose feeling. A preg uterus had increased vascularization. And finally, the easiest visual is that the cervix begins to close approx 3 weeks post conception and it forms a mucous plug that is visible by speculum.

The baby begins "to show" at the fourth month so visible sign of the bump is one clue they can use to visually access your gestation length. Other indicators include relaxation and movement of your organs and pelvic bones.

With u/s the doctor can measure head circumfrance and heart size and pinpoint the baby's gestation length within a day of accuracy.

The following link will take you to a great web site. SImply click on the Months on the left side to see how the mother's body changes in response to the fetus' growth.

this helps.


Jill - June 28

To add onto what Lena said, your cervix will also turn a purple-blue color after a few weeks. Hope it helps!!


Amy - June 28

Well, i am 10 dpo right now. what would my cervix be like right now if i was pregnant?



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