how i concived naturally with PCOS
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snowbaby - May 9

I stopped getting my period from June 2005 only to find out in late august that i had PCOS. The LH/FSH ratio wasn’t too bad but then again as October reached it had only gotten worse and the ratio was now 3:1!!!!!!! I had to keep taking medication to get a period. I decided to go on clomid as doctor advised.. Ovulated but didn’t conceive. Then it crossed my mind that i should be in control of my cycle and not the doctor. My sugar level was fine so i just read so many articles on the internet and i went to a dietitian. I was 63 Kg when i got to know i had PCOS.. I put my self of a diet. Basically no starch and no oil diet with non-fat milk. It was almost a vegetable and fruit diet with vitamins and folic acid a bit of fish and chicken. When i reached 58kg in January my period started naturally and continued to get it every month naturally till May. Then i missed the may period....... and whoa ... i am now pg ! ‘Right now i am 56.5kg with a BMI of 21.5. Its so good to know that if there is a will there is a way.. so girls if you have pcos just don’t lose hope ...try going on a diet and obtain a normal weight and get your cycle in control and monitor your weight regularly and i know most of you can get pg soon... i hope this helps... god bless you all.. My prayers are with you all coz i know how it feels to have PCOS and get BFN all the time...


meliz812 - August 2

You have no idea how happy and relieved you made me feel after reading your post! After being diagnosed just yesterday with PCOS, I've been worried and scared because I didn't know much about this syndrome. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a year and 5 months, and we have had no success. I'm meeting with a dietician next week to discuss ways to change my eating habits. After I meet with her, I have to schedule another appt with the dr so he can subscribe me medicene tohelp start me off. I know you have to get off of it as soon as you find out you are pregnant, however, so I'm really going to have to adjust my eating lifestyle. Thank you so much for giving me hope. I'm so happy for you, and I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy!



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