How Heavy is impalntaion Bleeding?
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Silvia - March 17

How Heavy is impalntaion Bleeding?


Cutie - March 18

As far as I know it should be heavy. But dont know for sure


MM - March 18

I thought it was light. ??


Amanda - March 18

My friends was very light just spotty


BabyTiger - March 18

It's NOT heavy--at all! It's spotty pink or brownish in color (then nothing else happens after that). No clumps, no blood red discharge.


Cutie - March 19

I am sorry, I meant "shouldn't" be heavy... Typing mistake... Sorry again


Alison - March 21

I had some very light bleeding about a week before I suspected I was pregnant. I thought it was a sign that my period was due because I often have spotting towards the end of my cycle, but now I'm sure it was due to implantation. It only lasted for half a day, but it was bright red in colour.



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