How fast did you get pregnant after stopping b/c
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Beth - November 8

I came off b/c a month ago and had a four day period has anyone gotten pregnant RIGHT after or shortly after stopping the pill? Im having sex every two days and should of gotten a period last week


AnnaR. - November 8

Hey Beth,
I went off the pill just to take a break and got pregnant the same month it could happen girl!


Shawna - November 8

Hi Beth, I went off the pill in April and had a regular period 3 days after my last pill. When I didn't get AF by the middle of June, I went to the dr to get tested and it was negative. He explained that when you stop bcp it could take a while to regulate your system. I didn't have another period until August 22. I went to the Dr again in October, after missing AF in September and I was told to wait a full 6 months to have a regular cycle. It is November 8 and I have only had 2 periods since April. It is possible to ovulate without having a period and vice versa. So now you have 2 very different stories. I hope everything works out for you. How long were you taking bcp? Go to the Dr and get tested!! Please keep us posted!


Karen - November 8

Hi Beth, My DH and I have been ttc for 8 months. No luck. I had been on BC pills for 8 years. I had no period for the first 2 months. After that I didn't have one for another 2 months and since then my cycles have been about 35 days with very light flow. I have NO clue when I ovulate if I do at all. I had progestrone level of 7.8, which my OB said is "in the gray zone" meaning that I could be ovulating but I guess she isn't quite sure. I start clomid next cycle. Of cours all my friends got off the pill and were pregnant w/in 3 months or less. Really frustrating for me. Good luck!



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