How early can someone get a BFP???
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Tenk - November 14

I was wondering how early is too early....I mean I've heard of some women getting them as early as 8 dpo...any ideas? I'm 9 dpo and want to keep testing of course....I want my BFP now tho...LOL


kelley32 - November 14

I got mine at 11DPO after I had implantation spotting ... good luck!


Tink - November 14

if you are on fertility drugs and did a trigger shot, i would wait at least 10DPO, because the trigger shot can give a false positive. if not on drugs, then who knows. i am 11DPO and testing Friday, but might get the courage to sneak in one tomorrow.


Tenk - November 14

I did Clomid this month, but no trigger shot. I'm 9 dpo today, and of course it was BFN, but I just didn't want to keep wasting them...ya know



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