How does the treatment process start?
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cantwait - June 19

We have been ttc for 8 months, doing everything "right" - using BBT, OPK, I elevate my hips after sex, we take vitamins and eat properly, avoid alcohol, caffeine, everything. Can someone explain to me what happens if after 12 months of trying we still don't have any luck? What tests to the doctors do and how do they reach a verdict on what treatment to give you? I'm 29 and my husband is 28 and we are both so sad it hasn't happened yet.


soimpatient - June 19

Are your cycles irregular? That could be a sign of a problem with ovulation. After 12 months your doc will probably want to see your BBT charts, take numerous blood tests, maybe do an ultrasound, do a sperm analysis on DH. Hopefully these tests will allow the doctor to find a treatment that is suitable for you. Personally, DH's s.a. came back normal...I have problems doctor put me on clomid, but it is not working, I guess the next step will be the doc upping my dose. Good Luck. P.S. If your cycles are very irregular you might not have to wait 12 months to see a doc. I waited 9 months but my cycles varied from 40-60 days.


cantwait - June 20

Hi soimpatient, thanks for taking the time to reply. My cycles are not regular, some months it's 28 days and others it's 33, but it never varies from those 2. Usually O is about day 19 or 20, then af about 2 weeks after. I'm at day 32 today, waiting for af to come. DH is very stressed, new job, just got married, I think that has something to do with it too. Plus I'm stressed from ttc, so that's not helping. I read Clomid stimulates the ovaries to produce an egg, is that right? How long have you been on it for? Good luck to you too. x


slowpoke01 - June 20

also you may want to do an hsg dye test to make sure your tubes arent blocked this is a good test it hurts but it is worth it also they will check your progesterone levels and yes clomid stimulates ovaried to produce eggs but it also helps the size and quality of your eggs


cantwait - June 20

Thanks slowpoke01, I'm going to make a docs appt today for me and DH. We will try whatever we need to to get this thing happening. We have just seen a Naturopath who gave me PCIP (Potassium Chloride and Iron Phosphate) which she said helps to unblock tubes. She thought that was probably what the problem was. She also gave me Magnesium to take for stress and both of us a good multivitamin and DH got Zinc. Is Clomid used a lot in the US? I'm in Western Australia and the first I heard of it was from this site. Thanks again.


slowpoke01 - June 20

yeah i think that it is used alot when your progesterone levels are low and when your not ovulating they always use clomid i think that is a common treatment here it also helps to release more than one egg so that you have a better chance of getting pregnant



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