How does anm eptopic pregnancy happen?
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Mindy1 - January 1

This is the first I have read about ectopic pregnancies, but I was wondering how or what causes them? Can the happen to anyone?


Lynn - January 2

Mindy: ectopic can happen to anyone. basically in short version it is when the egg implants outside of the uterus. most happen within the fallopian tubes but if you read, an ectopic is a pregnancy outside of the uterus. I experienced one in Sept 2005. I had emergency surgery which resulted in me loosing my right tube where it implanted. if caught early, a drug can be taken to remove the pregnancy and no damage to any organs. Is there a reason you are reading up on them?


slowpoke01 - January 2

MINDY-i had an ectoic in aug and used a drug called methotrexate to terminate. it can happen to anyone. most however happen to women who have scar tissue in the tubes or who have blockages and some even happen to women whose tubes are tied. however, there is like 10% of the cases that happen to women like me who have no reason to have an ectopic and there is no reason found for it. 1% of all pregnancies end in ectopic whether you have risk factors for it or not. i didnt think that 1% chance was much until it happened to me. it doesnt matter what age you are, if you are healthy, anyone can have an ectopic. there is no real cause for them. although like i said some women have risk factors for them such as blockages in the tubes or scar tissue, but i have no risk factors and i still had one, so it can happen to anyone. take care



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