How do you relax?
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Cristin - April 3

I've read that when "you try too hard", it just doesn't happen. We're supposed to "relax", and "not think about it", and BOOM - BFP!!!! So, my question to you all is - how do you relax when you want something so much? What works????


to cristin - April 3

Truthfully i have the same question. We have been wanting a baby for six months now.....and everyone keeps telling me to relax and it will happen- but it is impossible to relax if everytime we have sex we are thinking about getting pregnant and we have sex at times that we don't want to have sex but because i am ovulating........I just don't get it..It's not that we can just stop thinking of it. I try to plan out when my ovulation is every month, and then we have sex during those times and then i wait two weeks to see if i get my period or not- and basically everything in my day spins around the fact that i want to get pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cristin - April 3

Yes- you've said exactly what I'm thinking!!! I try to not allow it to consume me, but there is that particular window of fertility that we can't ignore. It doesn't help that everyone around me is pregnant either. I just want to know how other people are able to relax!



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