how do you know when you Ovulate
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gi - January 17

hi.. i'm on Clomid and IUI (this month will be my 2nd for both) i'm useing the CBFM, and today i'm on ay 14 with 2 bars still.. but how can you tell otherwise when you O.. does it have antyhing to do with your mucus.. I'm afraid that i will be doing IUI later or early than i shoudd be ya know?


einfanti - January 17

Is your dr doing scans to check follicle sizes?


gi - January 17

no nothing yet.. i'm just going to my OBGYN not to the spec yet...


einfanti - January 17

OH - I never used the OPK, so sorry - I have no answers for you. THe other ladies here use them quite a bit - maybe they can help.



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