how do you know when u have a miscarriage or chem pregnancy?
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Mindy1 - January 28

how do you know when u have a miscarriage or chem pregnancy? I have never had one, and alot of people say it can happen on Clomid, but if I had one, I wouldnt even know what its like. Can anyone help answer this one for me.. Im currently 4DPO on CD21, with a lil Ovulation Bleeding, but as I said, I just need to know the warning signs or what do do afterwards if it does happen.... thanks ladies and God Bless


karenk - January 29

Mindy, I got pregnant on my first cycle of Clomid, confirmed by +HPT and a bloodtest at the doctor. 12 days after my positive test at the doctor's office, I started having severe cramps, then bleeding. It felt just like a bad period. I was out of town at the time, so my doctor advised me to go to the ER. They did another beta there to check my hcg level which had decreased significantly. That's how they knew it was a miscarriage. There was nothing they could do at that point, but I was able to take pain meds for the cramping, and was advised to just take it easy for a few days. I never had really severe bleeding, and the cramps went away after a couple of days. Hope that helps.


Mindy1 - January 29

thanks Karen, Im sorry to hear of your loss. Do you know what percentage it is of a loss on clomid? I keep having these vivid dreams and its scaring me!!


karenk - January 29

Try to stay positive. My RE told me that almost 70% of first pregnancies will end in miscarriage, but that most of those aren't even known to the woman. Because we are all actively ttc, we are much more aware of our cycles, and we test for pregnancy more often and much earlier than a lot of women. He also told me that miscarriage rates are no higher on Clomid than they are in women who conceive naturally. Baby dust to you!


Mindy1 - January 30

Thank you Karen :) that makes me feel much much better :) Baby dust to you as well!



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