How do u know your AF is late when u are taking Progesterone
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Renee - August 1

I'm taking progesterone AFTER ovulation. My period doesn't come til' I stop the progesterone .. so I never know if I'm late? When should I start taking EPT's?????? Anyone in my same boat?


M - August 2

My doc said to take HPT 14 or 15 days after O. If neg, stop the progesterone. Hope that helps.


Becca D - August 2

Yeah, my doctor says the same thing, but usually your period should start on it's own, just a little later. Like mine this last time started on day 30, when I'm usually a 28 day cycle. It also is shorter as far as the bleeding, but I have noticed the past two months that I've taken it, I bleed for two days, stop for one, then spot for about 2-3 more. Very annoying.


Justine - August 2

I was put on progesterone for 15 days after ICSI treatment but told to test the day AF would normally be due - for me day 28. I took a test that date and got a strong positive so I think you can test on the day your period is normally due.



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