how do i stop thinking about it
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marie - November 14

anyone got any tips how i can stop thinking about ttc


~S - November 14

I try to either go and workout, read, or watch a movie or TV that has nothing to do with children. I can't avoid it during the day because I am a school teacher! AH!


ALH - November 14

If you figure it out let me know. Everyone seems to think that it is so simple, but i cant get it off my mind.


Mega - November 14

I completely agree. People always tell me to relax & not think about it. But they never tell me how to do that! :)


Allie - November 15

Hey girls! I totally agree. Everyone says that to me too, but again, it is hard NOT to think about it. I told myself I wasn't going to think about it this month and already I am looking to see when I ovulate....crazy!!! My hubby and I have started "diets" to keep our mind off of things, but all I keep thinking about is not wanting to work out too much b/c I may get preg and hurt the baby!! AHHHHH!!! LOL!!! Good luck to everyone!!!!!


kotkot - November 16

well... samething for me.. all of my friends and the family keep advicing ! remember girls.. only peopl who suffer it are quallifies to understand. i have never ever hold a calender on my bag untill i got married and start counting days!
thank god i have attnded the Msc programe before i got married and got involved in the infertility issues .. studying keeps me busy all the day with thoughts off and on.
i really wish you girls all luck .. hope that this christmas will hold us all a special present .


Andie - November 16

I started a journal so that when I have a great day, I write lots of positive thoughts so that when I'm having a down day (during the 2ww espec.!) I can read those positive thoughts.


Chris - November 21

Sounds silly but i pick a room in my house and remodel it. This cycle it is my Family room. I'm picking out paint and carpet this week. I have been ttc for 2 1/2 yrs and the only positive thing out of this is that my house looks great! I hope i conceive soon because i'm running out of rooms to do. My friends joke and say they hope i get pregnant soon or i'll have to move and start over. Who knew stripping wallpaper could be so therapeutic?


Andie - November 21

That's so funny about decorating! I didn't realize that I've been doing that too! I got a new couch and chair, front door table, and a baker's rack for my kitchen. It feels good to get stuff done before a baby would arrive,,,hopefully soon! :)


Mega - November 21

I never really made the connection, but I too have been in this nesting mode lately which is unusual for me. But I have this intense desire to get the house ready & in much better shape before the baby arrives. It does help! You're right, Chris!


Andie - November 23

I'm now seriously thinking of getting another job in addition to my full time teaching job just to make time pass faster. I'm 26 and people keep saying "you're young" but I'm ready to have a baby and it's just not happening.


Mega - November 23

I think what's more important than age when it comes to starting a family is being in the right place emotionally & life circumstances. I wasn't ready for a child til I turned 29. I got married, we're in a loving relationship, stable finances. 26 is still young, but not too young to start a family. You sound like you're ready maturity wise, so that's key in my book. Although I've got to confess a part of me wishes I was ready sooner than I was b/c I had nooooo idea it would take this long. I'm 30 now & been ttc #1 for 15 mos. Good luck to you. Hang in there!



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