How do I know Im ovulating
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Kim - August 25

Hi All, I was on clomid for the first time and today is my 11th day of my period....How do i know when Im ovulating. I dont see any fluid egg white like discharge from my body. Also even while intercourse i dont get any fluid and its dry.... Is this normal....Im 27yrs old and hv been ttc for 6months now.


to kim - August 25

this has happened to me so i have bought some ovulation strips so that i can test to see if i am ovulating as i also dont see any ewcm.i am also going to start charting my temps hope this helps


me - August 29

The only way to know if you have ovulated is if your basal body temperature goes up and stays up around 98 until your period comes. Once it comes, the temps drop back down to your normal basal temp. OPKs are good indicators that ovulation is approaching, but will not confirm it. Only the temping can do that. I just went to the doctor and that is what she told me. Good luck!


D. - August 30

Me is right. OPKs can tell you that you are surging but too often, our bodies will go through all the steps of ovulation (EWCM, high CP, LH surge) but not release the egg. You can get fooled into thinking you've ovulated when you haven't. But you need to use them along with charting. Because charting tells you you ovulated AFTER the fact. So, use OPKs to see if you are getting the surge, but also temp to make sure that you did indeed ovulate.



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