how do I get in the mood when I have ovulation pain?
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emeliz - January 26

It seems like a cruel joke of nature that when I'm most fertile, I have awful ovulation pain. The last thing I'd want to do is have sex in that state, and it lasts for 2-4 days! + Intercourse (never my favorite sexual activity to begin with) feels particularly painful when I'm ovulating. Any suggestions?


pmblake - January 26

Do you take pain relievers? tylenol? and have your tried robitussin? It's supposed to get cm moving along and it'll give you just enough sedative to relax. Take a dose 30 minutes or so before you plan to have intercourse and see if it helps to relax the pain some. Also my dr. tells me to have a glass of wine. That'll definitely get you in the mood. Also we've used preseed. I don't inject it vaginally - we use it more as a foreplay lubricant. I know this is a hard time. and when your DH has to perform on demand for days in a row -- it gets trying. Good luck!


emeliz - January 26

Thanks for the advice! I should just take some Tylenol but I had this notion that if I did so, I'd lose track of the clue that I was ovulating (in the form of the pain). Lol I guess I was being too stoic! As for alcohol, I don't drink it at all and I am v. sensitive to the ingredients in Robitussin, but I could try a lower dose. Yes, been curious about the Pre-seed. Good to read an endorsement. Does get tedious for me and DH doing it on command ;)


pmblake - January 26

Maybe try the pediatric version... I believe that's what I've used. I have 2 children and have been trying for #3 for almost 3 years. It's a long hard road but I'll get there. I've had 4 m/c's so at least I know some combination I'm using is at least helping me get pregnant! Best to you!


emeliz - January 26

Hiya, just read your post here too. Pediatric version sounds good. I have such a sensitive stomach the last thing I need on top of the O. pain is to feel nausea! Good luck on baby #3! I've only been trying 4 months on baby #1, so I know I must learn patience...


Tink - January 26

what a great question. i struggle with that too. especially when i am on meds....i am bloated, huge and in pain, since i've had tons of follicles brewing in there due to the fertility meds. the last thing on my mind is sex. plus the drugs i take decrease your sex drive. it's been very noticeable for me. i feel for my DH. doing it in the morning, before i start feeling really crappy the rest of the day seems to help.


lovemy3 - January 28

Feel very bloated and tired then as well. No pain but just kinda yucky...but that is when my sex drive actually exists and I have cm and lubrication so it works out ok. I find morning is best before pain really sets in, try that.



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