How do I find out if I'm ovulating or not??
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Kitten!! - April 1

I was on depo for a year and a half. I've been trying to conceive for 8 months. This is my 8 months. I was wondering, how do I find out if I'm even ovulating? Do those ovulation tests at the store really work?? And how/when do you use them?? Thanks everyone!! XX


erica - April 1



erica - April 1

Kitten, I need to know aswell. I been trying to ttc and nothing. they told me that the ot test are good at $dollar tree store. I think Im going to go buy some.


Kitten - April 2

WHEW!! TTC is soooooo hard. Most ppl don't know how hard it is to conceive. You always hear in school ya have sex ya get pregnant. True, thats how it happens, but as we get older and are ttc, it's alot harder than just have a romantic night with your hubby!! Baby Dust to you!!


stacey - April 2

I read on another strand that they are the most accurate way of seeing if you ovulated. I know the clearblue test- $200 one is supposed to be great. This month I only tried the pee on kinds. Do you chart temps? That's a good way to figure out too. If your temp is erratic all month, then you're not ovulating. However, it can also tell you if your luteal phase is short- which makes it hard to conceive.


MGO - April 3

Hey Kitten, I am looking into the same thing. My dr said that the fertility monitor is the best. He says that the pee sticks do not really work(inaccurate) and that the temp thing is extremely hard to do(same time, same temp in house,etc to be real accurate). So I think I am going to go buy the monitor. Form what I am reading so far people say it works. Good Luck my dear!


Foina - April 3

Plz can someone help? I have had one child and then had a miscarige and am now having problems becoming pg again but i have had no problems previously. My Partner was on steroids and has stopped them now because we think they could be the reason for me not becoming pg. Could that be the reason?


Raider - April 11

I don't know Im so frustrated as well Im late 30 and I would like to have another baby but I don't know if I can...


Tiffany - April 11

You ovulate about two weeks before your period, if your cycles are regular. The kits do work. I use first response from Walmart (they're the cheapest ones). When the test line gets as dark as the control line, you will ovulate in the next 24-36 hours. Other signs of ovulation are increased cervical mucus and temp.


Heather - April 11

During ovulation you will see ewcm (egg white cervical mucus). If you chart your temp you can tell when you ovulate as well. is a great web site to use for this and it's free.


Kelly - April 11

Can you have a late period if you did not ovulate???


Heather - April 12



angie - April 17

get an ovulating thermometer and take your temp everyday before you get up,eat,drink or go to the bathroomand it will come with a chart and chart can also download a chart online.there should be peak that you would notice. if you figure out to tell after charting for a month make an appointment with your doctor and he could show you how to read it.also getting on vitmians can help and to eat as you would if you were pregnate.


katy - April 17

start baby dancing about 9 days after AF & use OPK- try them every other day or 3 x per week, because can get costly after a while. Taget / Walmart has tem for like 13-$17 per kits usually get a 7 tests.


Heather - April 27

how do i find out if im ovulating because me and my husband have been trying to have a baby and i'm not getting pregnant please help us?


alma - April 29

I want to have a baby girl and some people says to have sex 4 to 5 days before ovulation,how I'm going to know


renea - April 29

I know that your cm gets egg white type around ovulation time. When you are at peak cm, it that when you ovulate, or is it after that time of cm?



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