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KDR - May 11

Wow. Ann, I am also very sorry for your loss. That was a very powerful, emotional post and I want to print it and show to the smokers that I know.


NatashaV - May 11

Tracy88, I just want to wish you all the best in trying to quit. I really enjoyed smoking so much, but now that I don't do it anymore, I'm so much happier. You don't realize how much guilt and shame is attached to it, and when you can let that go, it feels good. If you need to vent or have any questions, we're here for you. Let the stubborness that stops you from quitting when everyone says you should (friends/family) work FOR you this time. Be very stubborn with yourself and say "I'm NOT going to smoke another cigarette again..I choose ME!" You CAN do it!!! Ann1, we met on my other post where I was asking what my next step should be. :) I just reread your post here about smoking and I think it's great that you would post your difficult experience to benefit those on here trying to quit. I just wanted to say bless you and I hope you get your bfp soon...


Ann1 - May 12

Thanks for everyone's kind words, and sorry my post was so novel-sized!! I hope none of you ever have to go through anything like that, whether you are the caregiver or the recipient. I know you all are strong women and can conquer this thing!! Have a good weekend.


AliciaO - May 15

Hi Hun! I quit smoking 3 years ago January. How did I quit? Well this may sound stupid and I mean it in the nicest way, but quite frankly, I JUST STOPPED. I had gotten the stomache flu and had stopped smoking for 3 days because I would puke everytime I tried! I figured at that point that I had stopped for 3 days I might as well just quit, so I did. It is 100% mental and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. To get thru the first two weeks take alot of tylonal and drink more water than you ever have in your life. As for the hand to mouth thing, that is what the water is for. Fill up a big glass and bring it to your mouth over and over until you begin to equate the hand to mouth movement with drinking instead of smoking. Aside from that ladies, it is all in your head. Tell yourself you are not going to smoke anymore and then just plain dont. Also, don't think about how you will never smoke again, just say "I am not going to smoke today" and promise yourself that if you can stop for one year then you can have a cigarette then. The secret is that by then you may try to smoke one but you will throw it down once you taste how nasty it is! Good Luck, I hope this helps! And remember, you are as strong as you think you are!



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