How come you dont always fall PG when you ovulate
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KYLIE - November 2


We have been trying for over 1 year now, and I have PCOS ! THIS IS my 2nd time of 150mg as the other amounts didnt do anything for me :( I ovualted last month and we had intercourse every day for that week, and still didnt concieve, IS THIS COMMON????


Staci - November 2

Has your husband's sperm count been tested? Did you have much egg white mucus around the time you ovulated? It could be any number of factors, but if your hubby hasn't been checked out then I would look into that. I am on my first round of clomid this cycle. When you take clomid, it can dry your cervical fluid up which is crucial for the sperm to travel in. I am taking an expectorant ie Robutussin to losen the mucus. We are also going to use Preseed, a sperm ( lubricate to help aide in the process. Hope this answers some of your questions. One other thing, have they checked to see if your tubes have any blockage? Take care and best of luck!


staci - November 2

Hi Staci,

Thankyou for your comments, my partner will get his tests back tommorrow, we will see if he is a problem also. I have been getting ultrasouns internal for a while now, can they see if their blocked from this? I might ask my Gno tommorrow. Thankyou for that website that has helped me alot. Hopefully it works, as i did get that white mucus.?? We will wait for Bills tests then decide. xx


ann - November 2

how is an internal ultrasound performed ? is it painful ?


Staci - November 2

They have to do an hsg to see if your tubes are blocked. They run a dye through your reproductive system and see if it goes through all right. If there is blockage, then they will do a laproscropy to look in there and see what is blocking it ie cyst, endometriosis etc. Hope this helps you out! Good luck at your appt!



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