How Come I Can Even Feel Symptoms, & Not Be Pregnant?
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sherry - November 16

af isn't quite due yet, but af feelings are very strong, and all tests are BFN's, so i have no hope, but why does sometimes our bodies play tricks on us? is it just wishful thinking, that can actually cause pg symtoms, which leads us to false hope? i mean, i feel nauseous tha past few days, i feel more tired, and i definately feel more emotional. iam craving spicy foods, that normally i don't want. i am peeing alot. it's wacky! iam almost 110% sure that iam not pregnant, i just don't get why sometimes it can feel like you are if your not? why is mother nature so darn cruel?? just wondering if anyone can relate to this, and iam hoping if you are out there reading this, and having symptoms, PLEASE do not, let this post get you down. iam sure this isn't a very common thing, and i do not mean for it to get anyone's spirits down, who got a fighting chance this cycle. i have already been getting my negative tests and strong af feelings, i wish noone to have any false symptoms at all! iam just in a mood, and wanted to see if anyone can relate to this. **ultra special baby dust to all!*** sherry


someone who can relate - November 17

Amen. Just went through this - thought I had all the symptoms and then wham - af!! I never thought trying to conceive would be so hard....


sherry - November 17

hey kiddo! well, i hope next month is the one for you! it's very frustrating! i also thought when i was younger "better be careful with unprotected sex" figuring if i did it once or twice, i'd surely get pregnant, and i was too young at the time. if only that were true for us all hey? i empathize. hugs, shelly


Mega - November 17

Hi Sherry. Hang in there. I too just had something like that happen last cycle. I did my 1st IUI, so I knew I had a legit chance of being pregnant so I was so hopeful when I started craving protein, my nipples were VERY sore, I too got a little neuseous from time to time, etc. Then just like the other poster--AF came with a vengence. So, I can also relate to that. It's cruel, I know. For me, I'm wondering if it was just the trigger shot causing those pg like symptoms. I'm going to ignore them this cycle! Anyway, good luck. I'm sorry AF is playing mean tricks on you.


ALH - November 17

I know how you feel. That is why i now refuse to let myself believe that i am. It was just too heartbreaking to go thru that each month. So now i just dont even let myself think it that way i wont be quite so down each month.


Sheena - November 22

The same thing is happening to me sherry.I am 21 married to 26 yoear old wonderful man and want a baby so bad.I have been trying for 7 months.I havewasted lots of money on pg tests.I feel cranky.i pee every 5 min,gassy,heartburn every single day,sore boobs,everything a pg woman experiences.I do not understand this!I just got off my period 2 days ago.I know iam not pg but why do i feel like it?


wondeirn - November 24

hey sherry, you are not the only one who feels like that!!! within the last year i have had that happen to me over a dozen times!! all the money on the test,,(i know where u are coming from too!) and then for them all to come out neg!! its a very cruel thing and i dont know why it happens either!! now i just dont even worry about it, i try to take my mind off of it, and not worry about it all the time. and if it happens, i guess it happens!! but i wish you the best of luck with your concieveing!!! GOOD LUCK!!



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