How can you trick a guy into getting you pregnant?
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Marie - June 12

I'm ready to support this baby but my husband keeps on putting it off.


J - June 12

If you actually go through with this, you may not have to worry about having a husband. That is not a smart thing to do. Why do you want to force a baby on someone who doesn't want one? Think about how he would really react. Not about how you want him to, but how he actually will. My suggestion is wait until he's ready. Then both of you can be happy.


kim - June 12

to marie, don't go through with this because you are going to lose your husband, does your husband know this is how you feel?? my husband was the same about babies but we got through it he thought i was only with him for a baby so thats why it put him off even making love, i reassured him i love him to bits and that i didn't just want a baby from him but i felt ready to start a family with him!!! give him time marie and keep babies out of conversation for a couple of months until he feels ready to talk about starting a family with you. he'll come round. good luck


Gina - June 12

I totally agree with Kim... if you trick your husband he may leave, or if he doesn't he may just never trust you again. That isn't worth it. Just talk to him about it, about all aspects, and be totally honest. He will come around, just give him some time.



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