How can I get pregnet ?
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Beba - May 26

Me and My boyfriend really want to have a baby now. But I have not ot prenet. We waited till right after my period , then had intercorse. We had intercorse multiple times, but I am still unsure if i am pregnet. How can I make sure of it?


Melissa - May 26

Well, when was af?


nancy - May 26

hi beba, first of all how long you're TTC?you have to observe your body and your cycle. You have to make sure you know when you are fertile and when you ovulate,that is the perfect time to make love, i think after period is not yet fertile days....usually it is in the middle of your cycle. hope this helps you


kim - May 26

hi.. you should really observe your body to know when to make love, have you tried checking your cervical mucus


Angelxxx05 - May 26




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