how big is follicle supposed to be when about to ovulate?
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unsure about all this - August 4

My tests yesterday showed my main follicle at 1.8. They told us to start the bd the next night (tonight-Thurs).At what size should it be to ovulate and how quickly does it grow now. I was at 1.4 on Monday. I am afraid we should have started bd last night and i have been jyped out of a night of trying as they want us to only do it every other night. Anyone with any answers?


KellyN - August 4

I;m not real clear on this either. My dr told me anything over 15 mm is a good follicle, but that may not be the same measurement units (mm) as yours are. Do you know what units 1.8 is?


annette - August 4

a follicle with size 18mm or above is a mature follicle. it usually grows 1-2mm every day. hope this helps


unsure - August 4

hi guys thanx for your answers i think 1.8 = 18mm in whatever they measure. I was so unsure i actually went to the clinic to talk to another nurse and found out yesterdays nurse who is knew was WRONG ugh! She told me today the nurse should have said we start last night - at 1.6 (16?) they say start the next night but 1.8 (18?) we should have started last night.Well that sucks cuz she pulled up my bloodwork and it showed I hit the LH hormone yesterday which means 24-36 hours from then til ovulation.That means tonight bd for sure and then we have to tomorrow but tomorrow is probably too late. So anyone ever get a 1.6 then bd that day and skip a day and do it on the 3rd again. I knew i should have trusted my instincts last night and didn't. Today's nurse will tell the other one she messed up but great she took one night away from us trying to get those spermies in me and i think hubby has a low count (not confirmed yet) which means we needed the extra day to rebuild his count. I"m so mad i wanna scream. I was so upset i was crying in the nurses office.And Annette you are right she called it a mature follicle also.


Lena - August 4

Mature follicles grow approximately 2 mm every 24 hours and can ovulate anywhere from 20mm (2.0cm) to 28mm (2.8cm). Measurements are in millimeters (mm) or centimeters) and the measure across the widest point of the follicle. A 1.8 is when a follicle is considered mature and ovulation can happen at this size but typically 2.0 is the earliest for O. 1.6 is too early for O.



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