how big is "spotting"?
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celestia1977 - August 27

I'm having spotting issues, or it may just be my period. Yesterday I thought I started my period, but now it's all brown colored. It looked a little heavier than spotting though. I've been taking Prometrium, and I guess I'll take it again today, just in case it's spotting. I'm just wondering how heavy spotting can be?


mommy2josh - August 27

I dont know how heavy spotting could be, but it sounds like something I experienced while having a miscarriage. Take a hpt just in case. Babydust. Sorry if I worried you.


celestia1977 - August 27

That's okay, I'm due for my period now anyway, so I'm sure that's what it is. I took a hpt 2 days ago and it was BFN. Thank you for the babydust. Babydust to you too :-)



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