How are YOU gonna break the good news???
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Emily - June 27

I have been trying for soooo long for a positive test that I kinda forgot how I always dreamed it would be to finally break the news to my hubbie who has been waiting even longer than me! Hubbie and I have just gotten so mechanical about this that sometimes we forget what we are gonna do! Let's put our imaginations to work here a little and dream about what your moment will be like! For me, my DH's Bday is next month and I would love to break it to him with a big baby bottle wrapped in a bow in front of his family. How about you???


merlee - June 27

About 8 mo ago I was convienced that I was pg and bought a little bib that said "I love my Daddy" to give to dh along with the pos hpt. But it never happened. I have kept the bib in a drawer for that special day - it WILL happen, I just know it.


joby - June 27

ideally would like to do something like merlee above, but in reality probably won't be able to contain my excitement & just blurt it out!!!! maybe
I should go &buy bootees or something....


Heather - June 27

I agree with Marlee, a bib or outfit that say I love my Daddy on the front.Have a gift wrapped box, inside on top of the folded over tissue paper put a card from baby. He will look at you with that cute surprised look-and family too.


Allison - June 27

I wanted so desperately do something cute.. when the + pg test came in, I was too shocked to be creative. I basically stuck it right in his face the moment he walked in the door :-) It was funny!


Drew - June 27

On valentines day a couple years ago, dh got me a heart charm for my chain, and it came in a little red heart box. I saved it and I'm gonna get a little soother and put it in that box and give it to him. He always said to call him at work, cause thats where he usually is when I test (in the morning). But when I pick him up after work I'll give it to him. All your ideas are great...I love the bib one! Hope I can hold out and not just blurt it out when he calls at lunch!! We all will see that day, I know it!! ~~~Baby Dust~~~


merlee - June 27

Allison, That's funny. that's probably the way I'll do it, too. Even though I have the bib all ready, i don't know if I would be able to think straight at that moment.


Amy - June 27

Hey, i am due on my period on or around the 1st of july. the 1st just happens to be my birthday. so, if i test on the 1st and get a positive, that would be a wonderful birthday present:) my hubby knows that i am gonna test. i just wanna do something unique if it is positve. i do like the other ideas, but i wanna think of something on my own. i hope i do not offend anyone by that. Maybe i could do it kinda like an email type thing? Have the subject be " Congratulations!" I do not have my own email addy so he would not know it was from me.:) anyhow, like i was saying, the inside would surprisingly congratulate him on being a new daddy. that is not stupid is it? what do you guys think? i want something to that extent. please be honest with me ok? i do sometimes come up with stupid ideas. but, hey, doesn't everyone at some point? lol. anyhow, all the ideas on here are wonderful:) another idea that i am kinda thinking of, my hubby is really in radio control. he has a mini t and a t-maxx. maybe i could buy a body for one or the other and have it custom painted saying, " Daddy to be!" what do you guys think?


Amy - June 27

Emily, i think this post is a really good one. cuz, announcing you are pregnant is one of the best things! You want it to be special and something to remember. :)



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