how are you doing, linds?
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ginger6363 - October 26

how are you doing? I saw that you wrote that you received another negative? I am sorry. Will you be doing IUI again next cycle? Also, I wanted to give you an update: I talked to my doctor and he will be starting me on Progestrone for the short luteal phase. Here's to starting over!


linds99 - October 26

That is really good news. I bet that was a major culprit for you. Your little guy probably just needs more time, and progesterone will give that to her/him. Ya, I got a negative on a First Response today (13 dpo), and of course, I canceled the blood test tomorrow, replacing it with an appointment with the doctor. I think I am going to try IVF the next round. I've been producing great follicles every month, but that clomid is wearing out the lining of my uterus too much and now I think that is becoming another problem on my list among several others. So, I will find out what the doctor says tomorrow, if she tries to deter me or not. At this point, I think after 3 IUIs (6 back to back total) and all these meds I've been taking and putting in my hoo-ha, I am ready for the big gishtaldt!


ginger6363 - October 26

Hmmm, I don't know how many IUI's is "optimal" before moving on to IVF, but can definitely see why you want to bring out the big guns. My doctor casually told me when I had my first IUI "Sometimes it takes 2-3 times for this to work," but I don't know if that was just a general statement or really based on his experience. I hear your concerns about the Clomid--a lot of woman have those same complaints. I'm on Femara and I really have not had any side-affects at all. The only thing is I produce only 1 follicle b/c it's such a low-dose. I am a bit concerned about my AF this cycle. It has been really heavy and terribly painful. I am hoping beyond hope that it's not my endo getting worse. That's all I need right now! BTW, I am going to ask my doc about back-to-back IUIs when I go in for my cd12 u/s. Keep me posted about what your doc suggests concerning the IVF. My friend had IVF last year and has a 9 mo. old dd (her second IVF try), so it works!


linds99 - October 26

That is good to know your friend's IVF worked for her. That would bum me out if it took two tries though. Your period could also be bad/heavy because they built up the lining of your uterus. I remember you told me the lining of your utereus was good (I can't remember the number was it 8 when they checked it or better than that as it increased by the time you ovulated too), that could also cause your period to be more powerful and the pain is actually the uterine contractions to slough the thickend layer off. I'll let you know tomorrow night what my doctor "thinks I should do" or whether I decide to just jump off a bridge now.


HeatherP - October 26

linds99 - I'm not sure if we have posted on the same thread before but I just saw your post that you tested negative today. I am so sorry to hear that! This process is sooo frustrating! It's like riding a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs every month. I had 4 failed IUI's myself and the Clomid was affected my lining as well. We are trying IVF for the first time in November. It has the best odds and I am just tired of seeing BFN's every month with the IUI's. Let me know if you decide to try IVF and come find me on the IVF thread: October/November IVFers. I just joined a couple of weeks ago and these girls are great with advice for us newbies. Wishing you lots of luck for next cycle!!!


ginger6363 - October 26

linds, there will be no jumping from bridges on this forum!!! You gonna get there, linds, I just know you are!


linds99 - October 26

Thanks Heather, I think I am doing IVF, I will find out definitively tomorrow though when I talk with my doctor. I will look for you, seek out your experiences next month, maybe we can feed off one another if this ends up being the road I have to take. Thanks ginger, I just feel like jumping off a bridge, but I love life, my family and this forum too much to do that! You guys are super-duper ladies! Anybody in the mood for a Snickers bar? I just saw a wrapper on the ground on my way back from lunch and just got this remarkable craving for one. If that is not impending AF sign, I don't know what is...


lindsie - October 26

Hi Linds. This is kind of weird, but my name is Lindsie, too, and I'm also at 13 dpo today and I also had a negative test this morning! This is my second month of clomid (TTC #3, my twins are 3). I was pretty upset this morning, but I'm not giving up hope that maybe I just tested too early. I actually thought AF started when I felt that leaky feeling today, but when I went to the bathroom it was nothing. Maybe there is still a chance. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you!!


linds99 - October 27

Hi Lindsie, It was my third month on clomid, I developed 5 mature follicles on the right ovary (metformin and HCG shot). But really, I know the test is right, although AF did not come, it is not supposed to come until Sunday though, 15 day luteal phase. I don't think there is a chance for me, I just canceled my blood test, I don't really need to know what another negative phone call feels like you know? But you sound positive and still in the game, despite your negative, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't, as the other women here say "it ain't over till the witch actually shows." Good luck to you, keep me posted too! Ok, I have a doctor's appointment today ginger, I'll check in this afternoon and tell you guys what she said.


lindsie - October 29

Well, the witch did show. She came yesterday. Another month down the drain. I'm feeling a little better today, but yesterday was pretty rough. We'll just keep at it, I guess. I wonder if maybe I have hostile CM from the Clomid. I'm going to try Robitussin and I also bought some Pre-seed. Hope it all works. Linds, I hope your dr appt went well.


linds99 - October 30

Hey Ginger, Lindsie, My AF came on Saturday. I have to run to meet someone for work, but I just wanted to check in and let you know I went to the doctor, we're doing IVF this cycle. No reason to wait any longer, I want a baby now and our insurance covers IVF so I better get this done sooner then later. How are you gals doing? Sorry to hear about AF lindsie...we're all in the same boat, we just gotta keep trying and moving forward I guess. Ginger, what cycle day are you on now?


ginger6363 - October 30

hey linds, good to hear you've made a decision to go forward with IVF and your doctor is supporting you---a baby is definitely on its way for you! So, I am cd7 and taking my femara (cd5-9) for this month. I go in for my cd12 u/s on Saturday morning, so I am hoping I will have a follicle ready then. So, IVF, huh? I have been thinking about what I am going to do if I have to go that route, and I was wondering if you have thought about how many embryos is the max you want transferred? I know that the transfer is a very delicate balance that you and your doc try to strike: balance the cost/risk of the procedure against the best chance of a positive success and that usually means 3-4 embryos transferred at a time (though I think it really depends on what your doc recommends). I don't think I could handle a triplet or quad pregnancy so I feel like a transfer of 2 would be my max, but I don't really know. Of course, this is just me *hypothesizing* right now, who knows how I would really feel about it. Have you thought about this? Just curious.


linds99 - October 30

Hi ginger, I would like to be responsible about this and assume that two would take, given my younger age of 29. HSo my husband and I have decided to Only implant two, if we're lucky to have two good ones. However, knowing I have PCOS and have higher chances of miscarriage, I know this will be a terrifying experience to have a first pregnancy be twins. i just feel to max out our chances, two embryos will be good. But like my doctor always said, the uterus is like a studio apartment, it was really only made for one. But hey, I am a twin, my mother carried us fine, I think I can do it if it happens to me too. That is good you are on femara, you won't have the bad side effects of clomid...I bet you will be in the luteal phase again one week from now dear. I can't believe how the cycles go fast early on in the follicular phase, but go really slow during the two week wait. Don't you think?


ginger6363 - October 31

good morning, linds. I agree with you on the two's the max transfer. I feel pretty much the same way. I am 28, and in good health, so I am hoping two would give us a more than decent chance, if we have to go the IVF route. I am small, like you, and b/c of my anatomical issues I don't think my body could handle more than that. :) Of course, bodies are pretty remarkable things, I just don't want to push my luck. So, I read on another thread you are a journalist. That's pretty neat. I am a writer, also, but there is no glamour involved. I am a technical writer at an engineering firm. I have an engineering degree and a master's in british lit, so I needed to find something to do with myself. I agree with you that follicular phase seems so short in comparison to the dreaded 2ww---I am not looking forward to the wait, but maybe Thanksgiving will keep me somewhat occupied. So, when will your trasfer be? Or have you gotten that far yet?


ginger6363 - October 31

Oh, I forgot to wish you a Happy Halloween!!! Do you get trick-or-treators? I am looking forward to seeing those little cuties tonight.


linds99 - October 31

Hey ginger, Happy Halloween to you too. ( I saw a kid walking around this morning dress as a milk carton and it said "have you seen me?" Isn't that clever?) You have an engineering degree? That is impressive, I love to hear about women obtaining expertise in a male dominated arena. That is awesome. Anyway, I think I start the Lupron on November 17th after confirmed ovulation, get a period from it, and then start the shots/meds. The transfer will likely be the first week of December. So maybe I will get some news for my 30th birthday on December 23. I remember what I got on my birthday last damn period! And it showed up 9 days late! How has your femara taking routine been going for you?


linds99 - October 31

One more thing, I just couldn't believe all the things we have to sign. And all the possible scenarios for freezing the eggs. It is realy crazy and forces you to think about things you've never thought about before, such as if your husband would die, what would happen to the eggs and vice versa...



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