how 2 knw if its the right time to do it and get pg?
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vheng - June 10

were celbrating our 1st year wedding ann.on june11 and yet i dont conceive.i've done almost all the tricks and took lots of clomid as my ob gyne suggested.i had been undergo a thourough follicle observation.and a very tiring transvaginal ultrasound.But still we cant actually make it. im so depressed and losing hope..specially most of my friends r getting prgnant,im getting so stressed!please help..


andy - June 10

hi... we are on the same boat ... We just had our 1 year aniversary on june 4 and still no baby... I´ve been ttc for 9 months now and noting (well.... I got pg on Nov but had a m/c at 5 weeks on Dec ) ... but then nothing nothing nothing ... I know how you feel , everyone is starting to ask us , and everyone is starting to have babies... This month I went to an u/s and found out I´m not O , just had a bunch of blood work done , and (i´m currently on CD25 ) on CD2 will start follicule monitoring , clomid , and injections ( pretty much everything you have done ) ... How many months have you been ttc with help ??? What will be the next step for you ??? thanks , HAPPY ANIVERSARY in advance : o )


slowpoke01 - June 10

hi iw as just wondering if you had thought about doing an iui they say that it increases your chances of getting pregnant because the sperm is already in the uterus waiting for the egg when it is released and the sperm has a better survival rate because it doesnt have to do the work of swimming all the way to the egg..just a suggesstion i am having an iui done this week if i were you i would at least give iui some thought because you never know it could be the answer i also have been taking clomid actually this is my first month of it i took my last pill 2 days ago and i should ovulate on wed and they will do iui on thursday so i will let you know hope i have given you some encouragement and hope because i know how it is when everyone else is getting pregnant it puts a strain on yur relationships and that isnt good so i know it is hard but try not to stress too much and just look at what other options you have such as iui or ivf or if you have a male factor like me you may want to look into sperm donors i am using a donor for my iui this week and my husband was actually the one who suggested it and he picked out the donor so he has been really involved with the whole process let me know how everything goes


Meighen N. - June 10

Hi Ladies... I too am going on my 1st year of marriage. And as well am unsuccessful in the makin a baby department. Going on 11months now of frustration. If we do not get pregnant this month I am going to see a DR. What types of test do they do right away? I have bought those ovulation strips and it has said I am ovulating... so if that is not the problem what is? Baby dust to you all:)


slowpoke01 - June 11

they will do progesterone test around day 21 of you cycle i had an hsg dye test done to make sure tubes arent blocked and fsh levels i dont know if they did that or not they could have and just not told me but i think that is the normal tests that they do also alot of people have reported getting pregnant within 3 months of having hsg done because it clears your tubes out u may want to look into it but the progesterone test they did on me came back 12 and they said that wasnt bad but they liked to see it over 15 so that is why i am on clomid but they said anything under 10 is not good


Meighen N. - June 12

Did those initial tests hurt? Should I have my husband tested before I am? I heard it is a lot easier on them?


slowpoke01 - June 12

actually they will probably want to test both of you the hsg hurt the others were just blood tests other than hsg dye test the rest was a breeze so i would suggest having them done because you never know you just may not be ovulating or something that they can give you medicine for



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