hot flashes while on clomid
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Holly - November 14

Hi everyone. Is there anyone who knows what a person can do if they are getting hot flashes while on 50mg of cloimd? I have 2 days left and that is driving me nuts. Other than that I feel good. Any ideas would be wonderful.


K - November 14

I don't think there is anything you can do for those. Just tolerate them until you are done with meds. I had those too. But maybe that tells you it's working? Hang in there.


sherry - November 14

i was on 100mg, and i got hot flashes, and some cramps and mood swings to. normal. hope it works for you. sherry


Holly - November 14

Thank you K and Sherry.. the hot flashes are not too bad..last night after about 4hrs the emotional side kicked in! Wow! I am glad that DH is very understanding.. Thank you ladies. :o)



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