Hot Flashes from Clomid
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Heather - March 1

Hi All, Is anyone experiencing major hot flashes while on Clomid? I’m on my 5th cycle of Clomid (cd 22), and I’m getting hot flashes like crazy, this has not happened with the other cycle’s…any thoughts? I looked into it on the web and it says that it should stop once ovulation has occurred, well I’m on cd22, does this mean I still have not ovulated???


Mega - March 1

Well Clomid CAN stay in your system for over a month whether or not you've O'ed. As for whether or not you O, are you tracking O by charting or OPKs? Your dr doesn't have you trigger? Are you on prog. supplements or anything like that? It might be something other than the Clomid, but hot flashes aren't an uncommon s/e. If you are concerned that you didn't O, maybe you could call your dr and request a prog. blood check. Good luck. HTH!


Tracy - March 1

I have really only experienced few hot flashes. (On my third cycle with clomid--cd23). Anyway, yesterday I had a major hot flash while putting my make-up on in the morning. I thought it was kind-of late in my cycle for it, but maybe not.


Heather - March 1

Mega (sounds Greek) My periods are very irregular, it's not uncommon for me not to o. If I did O then I should get my period in a week, if not then I will go get tested. Thanks for the advice!! Good luck to you also!!!
Thanks Tracy for your input, it's nice to know I'm not the only one going crazy (lol)


isa - March 2

Heather, when I was on clomid i would get the hot flashes for about 3 days after the end of my last pill. I think everyone is different though. I agree with Mega to go in and get a prog blood check and see if you ovulated. Do they not monitor you with ultrasounds while on the clomid? It made my lining so thin I couldnt get pregnant on it, they had to add estrace pills to thicken it for me on day 10 for 10 days each time I was on it. He wont give it to me anymore for that reason. (another crappy side effect of the clomid)


Mega - March 2

Heather, are you seeing an OB or a RE? If you typically don't O on Clomid or not, I'd say you probably need more monitoring, and REs typically provide that. I was annov. too, with highly irreg, whacky cycles & I've been with my RE since July & I love him. And when he gives me my baby I'll love him even more! I hope AF comes soon for you (or a + HPT!), otherwise, I'm glad you plan on getting tested. Good luck! That's funny, I'm not Greek but I LOVE Greek food. Yummy! Isa, the same thing happened to me on Clomid, the thin lining, & I used the vidalle dots (Est. patches) and that screwed with my progest. levels. Ack. Always something, huh?!


Heather - March 2

Mega - I'm seeing an OB and no he is not monitoring me while on Clomid, he just keeps renewing my prescriptions and sends me on my way, I'm getting very frustrated with him!!!! I have an appointment later this month and I'm going to let him have it!! Isa - What were your symptoms of a thinning lining??



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